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Principal's Message

Welcome Back Sena High students! I hope that you all had a nice restful winter break and ready to start the new semester.  Report cards will be mailed out on Friday and students will review those in Advocacy on January 17th.  I would also like to welcome Ms. Schutz our new Science Teacher. 
This week teachers will be sharing classroom expectations and requirements of Sena High. We want to make sure that you get the semester started off on the right track.   Please make sure that you pay attention and ask any questions if you have them. Areas I want to make sure you pay attention to are the student IDs and agenda, dress code, cell phone usage and attendance. 
You are required to bring your Student ID daily.  If you do not bring your ID you will be asked to call your parent to bring it to you.  If you cannot get your ID brought to you will be provided a temporary pass for the day but no hall passes.  You will also be doing community service at lunch.  If you have lost your ID replacement cost is $5 dollars.
Remember attendance is critical so we want to here every day and on time. If you are absent, behind in credits or pacing you are required to attend on Friday from 10-12!!  Students if you are tardy in the mornings to your first period class you have community service during the last 10 minutes of lunch starting Monday.  Get here every day and on time.  Our weekly goal is that students and grade levels get a 90% attendance rate.  We will be having a competition between grade levels.  Let’s see who will get the pizza party first. 
If you drive to school and park on the street or in the parking lot you must have a Sena High parking pass.  Please see the office staff for the required documentation to obtain a pass.  Passes are free but required.  We have had some possible break ins so we want to be sure we have your car’s information if needed. 
Students one issue that we had last semester that will be addressed in each classroom is the logging off and standing around for the last 5 minutes of class.  Sena High class periods are only 52 minutes and only meet for 5 ½ hours per day, four days a week.  We cannot afford to lose valuable learning time. 
Wednesday, January 10th we will have a 2nd Semester Open House.  We will be sharing classroom expectations as well as school.  Once again I want to welcome you back to Sena High and let's get started off with a great semester!